The Current Top 10 Manga

My blog seems to be slowly turning into a blog of top 10 lists O_O Oh, well, after a long long break, I thought I’d try updating my blog, n when I thought of a good entry, i found my mind drowned in an abyss of emptiness. So, here goes, a random blog of list of top 10 current manga based on the number of weekly copies sold!

  • #1 – Naruto – Volume 51 (no surprise!)
  • #2 – Nodame Cantabile – Volume 24 (surprise! surprise!!)
  • #3 – Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Volume 29 (finally something that beats one piece and bleach eh?)
  • #4 – Fullmetal Alchemist – Volume 25 (well what do you know, Ed and Al’s magic has managed to sell more than a million copies of the manga, which happens to be the highest so far!)
  • #5 – Gintama – Volume 34
  • #6 – Bakuman – Volume 8 (I’m kinda glad here that an off-mainstream manga has managed to get into the top 10 list!)
  • #7 – Big windup! – Volume 14
  • #8 – xxxHolic – Volume 17 (Go! Yuuka >o<)
  • #9 – Shin Tennis no ouji-sama / New prince of tennis – Volume 3
  • #10 – Saki – Volume 7

That’s all for now!



5 responses to “The Current Top 10 Manga

    • Thank you very much for showing ur appreciation too by commenting on my blog ^_^ im very glad u like my posts…. keep ’em coming 😛
      Also thanks a lot for following my blog… hehe…. i’ll try n update them as quick as possible

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