Why Art Should Not Be Criticized

I have absolutely no idea why I decided out of nowhere to come up with a blog on this, at midnight, none the less! But here it goes, I always wanted to let those unfortunate souls who are so drowned in the technicalities of art that they have lost the purpose of making art and pull everyone around them into the spiral maze of eternal list of technical mumbo jumbo that art is something where the only thing matters is the final product (in case of the viewer) and the happiness that’s experienced in making it (in case of the artist).

What matters is not the fact that you did not get a line right or did not get the color combination right. Even if it’s the worst drawing ever made that is totally puking rainbow colors, as long as you had fun doing it, and are able to project your ideas through it, you have a purpose.

Because art is not about a perfectly drawn picture with the most accurate color combination and perfect lighting. It’s about keeping your original purpose of making art and not forget to have fun while you are at it.

Because art is meant to soothe you, give you the happiness of forgetting the world and drowning yourself in that one thing that matters to you at that moment, and not stay up all night, wracking your brains on making sure it’s perfectly made with absolutely no flaws.

Because art has no rules… art has no boundaries… and all opinions are relative. There’s absolutely no way how anyone can judge it, since every art is unique to the person who has made it.

Every time I go through a critic or hear people asking me to write a critic on their work, I don’t understand what is the need of it. Art is a medium to project the real you where you project your ideas and thoughts and truly liberate the creative soul in you. Once you begin to bind your art with rules and stereotype it so much that your essence is lost in your art, or pick on the details of somebody else’s work and say how amateur it is, you’ve lost the true purpose of making art.

It’s all right to follow the rules to some extent, but really, don’t fret about it!


6 responses to “Why Art Should Not Be Criticized

  1. This is the same reason why I don’t understand “writer’s workshop”…writing is best in its purest form. So let’s tear it apart and analyze the hell out of it, sewing it back together with some cheap string. OnQ

  2. Considerably, this post is really the sweetest on this notable topic. I harmonise with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your incoming updates. Saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the phenomenal clarity in your writing. I will directly grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates. Admirable work and much success in your business dealings!  Please excuse my poor English as it is not my first tongue.

  3. I completely agree, which is why I can’t take college art classes. I can’t enjoy making art if I’m constantly worrying about being criticized. Art is about expressing yourself, not making someone else happy.

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