All the Things I Regret


This is a list I wish I could engrave boldly on a rock or a wall or some prominent place so that when I’m reborn again (no, I’m perfectly healthy and not dying anytime soon, hopefully. So don’t treat this as my bucket list.), I won’t make the same mistakes again.

So here goes my to-do and not-to-do list.

1. Mature too quick. Even if I grow up too quick in my next life too, I MUST remember to at least act like a kid.

2. Grow some muscle so I can protect myself from the idiotic kids who bullied me.


4. Never EVER think any friendship lasts forever. You’re going to get laughed at for it later.

5. Learn to ride a bicycle.

6. Stop being a slacker at school.

7. Stop doing everything the teacher tells you not to.

8. Don’t wait until the age of 20s to decide on what you want to be in life.

9. Stop wasting years doing absolutely nothing.

10. Stop living like a cave woman.

11. Don’t let people lure you into doing things you don’t like to do – like joining dance competitions even though you can’t dance and be embarrassed about it for the rest of your life or run for class president and end up getting zero votes for you and get laughed about it behind your back.

12. Don’t believe any reassurances and help offered by anyone you don’t know or trust. It’s likely they forget about it less than 5 minutes later leaving you looking like a fool in the end.

13. Get a hint when someone doesn’t want you around and stop talking anything more than necessary.

14. Never hesitate to do things you really really want to do. Similarly, stay away from things you DEFINITELY don’t want to do.

OK so I might add more to this list 20 years later but that’s all for now..


4 responses to “All the Things I Regret

  1. Regrets are a bugger-all and no good, but then again, without them there’d be nothing to stop us from doing stupid stuff…

    I must say, quite a few things on that list are frighteningly true, but I learned most of them already (and, unfortunately, the hard way).

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