AKB48 Anime

The very idea sounds crazy to me, seriously. It’s like watching one of those American movies based on Barbie that is clearly a way to make extra bucks out of something that’s popular. And you thought it’s cuz the kids love it?


OK, well, that COULD be true but hey, Anime is different! Its different from American cartoon for a reason! Even AKB48 fans wouldn’t be dying to see an Anime version of it.

*Please don’t tell me you want to.*

So somebody please explain the reason for this. I know nobody is forcing me to watch it but they
could have used the same time and money on something else. When I think about Anime like macross and gundam and even kodocha and compare that to the newer moe Anime, it makes me sad.

Good stories always attract viewers without the need of using annoying moe girls… I know there still are amazing Anime coming up but its Anime like this is what irks me.

*end of rant*

Thank you for putting up with this.


6 responses to “AKB48 Anime

  1. AKB isn’t moe. Have you ever seen Beginner? River? Kaze wa fuiteiru? On AKBINGO, they do punishment games like eating bug sushi to dressing up as “ikemen” ie cross dressing as dudes.

    AKB girls themselves said when they debuted, many otaku thought they’re a “moe” group and asked them to do the stuffs maids do and the girls were very upset. Just cuz they’re from Akiba doesn’t mean they’re an otaku thing, their creator just took advantage of the Akiba Boom of the time.
    Their popularity now is amazing with girls and kids, like Itano Tomomi and Shinoda Mariko is popular with Shibuya fashion crowd and Maeda Atsuko is . Try to look them up before judge. They done cute songs and songs about suicide like Keibetsu or ripped off their arm like in Beginner.
    Not only that, they donated 30 million USD and 30 vehicles for tsunami victims to use as transportation as well as visiting Fukushima on Christmas at a children school, in which, many of the kids were singing and dancing along. There were girl fans who were squealing and excited about AKB at their school. It was show on NHK AKB48 + 1 Documentary.

    • I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I was talking about the anime having the possibility of being moe and NOT AKB48. I really don’t know much about the group, though I’ve heard a couple of songs of theirs, I was just speaking of my irritation of growing moeness in animes these days. Never said anything bad about the group per se.

      Looks like you totally missed the point of my blog with your anger clouding your mind, eh?

      ” Try to look them up before judge. ”

      -How about you try and read my blog again before you flame?

      Thanks for enlightening me about the group but they’re not my taste. Besides, I’m not stupid enough to label a group as ‘bad’ just cuz I don’t like them. I don’t judge anything related to art so easily.

      And I can tell the anime is gonna be moe judging from the characters at least.

    • XD I dunno maybe moe lovers would love it.. it could be like madoka magika – a bundle of surprises.. heck even shugo chara had a few surprise factors of its own… so if AKB48 turns out the same way, I might actually give it a try… ^^

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. It’s nice to see anibloggers express their annoyance with moe girls. Moe girls and excessive fanservice appear to be taking over anime. I know I’m not interested in watching an AKB48 anime and I’m wondering who they are trying to target with this if it is indeed happening.

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