The whole thing about moving forward

I’ve probably heard the Anime and Manga characters talking about forgetting the past and moving forward a gazillion times and thought it was the most obvious thing to do and something we naturally do when life throws us a surprise…

I thought I always did too (apparently by not talking to them and minding my own life :|) until I got told what a big ball of negativity I am… After a long discussion that followed that and a lot of observation I did of my own behaviour, I realized the last thing I was doing was moving forward.

It was stupid how much unnecessary hatred I held within myself… for no reason at all… well not exactly, more like I thought I was hated because of some weird stuff they did to me when we all were mature and I thought I was so much more mature to remember them for the longest time and hate them back for it even after they had forgotten about it themselves and had started me, well, considerably better.

I still feel a lot out of place among a lot of people but I’m learning to see things in a neutral perspective.. which is helping me a lot to truly move forward.

And now that I’m doing that, I finally notice that the people I hated for no reason are actually not that bad…

Huh… that’s a LOT fog cleared up right there.

And now that the heavy… err… burden has been lifted off my chest, I’ve been making a lot of improvement trying to go around repairing all the relationships I ruined because of my stupidity… which happened after I realized

that sometimes, relationships are more important than your own ego. Yeah you might think it’s obvious but it takes a lot of maturity to understand and follow in its truest sense.

So anyway, speaking of improvement, I’ve been socializing and actually having fun with the very people I tried avoiding for the longest time. And I can’t tell you the happiness and relief I’ve had cuz I have potentially reduced the people I don’t like to a great extent. And suddenly, life is so much more better!

Can’t believe all of that happened just within a month.

Anyway I’m glad I have people around me to help me change into a better person and proud of me to be open minded enough to accept criticism and work on it.

That’s all for this month’s update.

Thank you for reading!


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