New Design for Hatsune Miku – American Version

So they have come up with a separate character design for Hatsune Miku for Americans. Firstly, I don’t see the need of making a separate one for Americans. Secondly, the new design has completely crushed the cute image that Miku has established all over.

What do you think of the new design? I’m not gonna say it’s the worst. It’s just that I don’t see the need of it. 😐


Why Art Should Not Be Criticized

I have absolutely no idea why I decided out of nowhere to come up with a blog on this, at midnight, none the less! But here it goes, I always wanted to let those unfortunate souls who are so drowned in the technicalities of art that they have lost the purpose of making art and pull everyone around them into the spiral maze of eternal list of technical mumbo jumbo that art is something where the only thing matters is the final product (in case of the viewer) and the happiness that’s experienced in making it (in case of the artist).

What matters is not the fact that you did not get a line right or did not get the color combination right. Even if it’s the worst drawing ever made that is totally puking rainbow colors, as long as you had fun doing it, and are able to project your ideas through it, you have a purpose.

Because art is not about a perfectly drawn picture with the most accurate color combination and perfect lighting. It’s about keeping your original purpose of making art and not forget to have fun while you are at it.

Because art is meant to soothe you, give you the happiness of forgetting the world and drowning yourself in that one thing that matters to you at that moment, and not stay up all night, wracking your brains on making sure it’s perfectly made with absolutely no flaws.

Because art has no rules… art has no boundaries… and all opinions are relative. There’s absolutely no way how anyone can judge it, since every art is unique to the person who has made it.

Every time I go through a critic or hear people asking me to write a critic on their work, I don’t understand what is the need of it. Art is a medium to project the real you where you project your ideas and thoughts and truly liberate the creative soul in you. Once you begin to bind your art with rules and stereotype it so much that your essence is lost in your art, or pick on the details of somebody else’s work and say how amateur it is, you’ve lost the true purpose of making art.

It’s all right to follow the rules to some extent, but really, don’t fret about it!

Namie + Gundam = Extreme Awesomeness

And with this, Namie has officially declared herself to be the world’s biggest Gundam fan. Apart from the fact that her second name is the same as Amuro Ray from Gundam, with her new PV she’s taken her love for gundam to a whole new level. Now, in case you have already watched Namie Amuro’s ‘Defend love’ you’d probably know what I’m talking about. This time, Namie’s given her PV a little twist by adding it a dash of gundam spice that’s at least made it popular among the anime fans OR made GUNDAM popular among the non-anime fans. Well either way, it sure makes the PV and the song a whole lot interesting n at least fun to watch.And I suppose the video kinda matches with the title. O.o Defending love with gundam blades eh? And that was a nice use of Gundam’s Amuro Ray battling in the space there O_O Looks like Namie-Chan couldn’t hold back her love for gundam after all 🙂 I wonder what gackt had to say to this!

Here’s the video – Defend Love

The Current Top 10 Manga

My blog seems to be slowly turning into a blog of top 10 lists O_O Oh, well, after a long long break, I thought I’d try updating my blog, n when I thought of a good entry, i found my mind drowned in an abyss of emptiness. So, here goes, a random blog of list of top 10 current manga based on the number of weekly copies sold!

  • #1 – Naruto – Volume 51 (no surprise!)
  • #2 – Nodame Cantabile – Volume 24 (surprise! surprise!!)
  • #3 – Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Volume 29 (finally something that beats one piece and bleach eh?)
  • #4 – Fullmetal Alchemist – Volume 25 (well what do you know, Ed and Al’s magic has managed to sell more than a million copies of the manga, which happens to be the highest so far!)
  • #5 – Gintama – Volume 34
  • #6 – Bakuman – Volume 8 (I’m kinda glad here that an off-mainstream manga has managed to get into the top 10 list!)
  • #7 – Big windup! – Volume 14
  • #8 – xxxHolic – Volume 17 (Go! Yuuka >o<)
  • #9 – Shin Tennis no ouji-sama / New prince of tennis – Volume 3
  • #10 – Saki – Volume 7

That’s all for now!


4th Annual Seiyuu Awards’ Winners Anounced

So here are the results!

Best Lead Actor

Daisuke Ono (Sebastian – Kuroshitsuji)

Best Lead Actress

Miyuki Sawashiro (Title Character of Canaan, Lag Seeing – Letter Bee, Ayane Yano – Kimi ni Todoke)

Best Supporting Actor

Daisuke Namikawa (Shota Kazehaya – Kimi ni Todoke, Mikage – 07- Ghost)

Shinchiro Miki (Roy Mustang – FMA Brotherhood, Lockon Stratos – Gundam 00)

Best Supporting Actress –

Kikuko Inoue (Sanae Furukawa – Clannad After story, Grace O-Connor (Macross Frontier)

Yui Horie (Minori Kushieda – Toradora, Tsubasa Hanekawa – Bakemonogatari)

Special Merit Award –

Kazue Takahashi (Katsuo – Sazae-San, Lucille Ball – The Lucy Show)

Merit Awards – Tesshou Genda (Suppaman – Dr. Slump, Optimus Prime – Transformers)

Kazuko Sugiyama (Heidi – Alps no Shoujo Heidi, Jun the Swan – Gatchaman, Ganmo – Gu Gu Ganmo, Ten – Urusei Yatsura)

Nobuo Tanaka (Sousai X – Gatchaman, Sgt. Saunders – Combat!)

Kei Tomiyama Awards

Nana Mizuki

Kids’ Family Awards

Wasabi Mizuta (Little Character – Doraemon)

Synergy Award

Tohru Furuya and Shuuichi Ikeda  (Mobile Suit Gundam)

Overseas Fan Award

Mitsuki Saiga (Wolfram – Kyou Kara Maoh, Souji Okita – Peacemaker)

Best Singer Award

Aki Toyosaki and Minako Tokobuki (Music Ray’n)

Yoko Hikasa and Ayana Taketatsu (I’m Enterprise)

Satomi Satou (Aoni Productions)

Best New Actor Award

Atsushi Abe (Toma Kamijo – Toaru Majutsu no Index)

Tomoaki Maeno (Touya Fujii – White Album, Saku Ooyagi – Sora no Manimani)

Best New Actress Awards

Kanae Ito (Mihoshi Akeno – Sora no Manimani, Koume Suzukawa – Taisho Yakyu Musume, Amu Hinamori – Shugo Chara!)

Aki Toyosaki (Yui Hirasawa – K-ON!, Kana Nakamachi – Kanamemo)

Top 10 Most Beautiful Anime Songs.

Just thought I’d make a little list of one of the most beautiful songs with epic lyrics. So here goes.

P.S. – Just to let you know, the arrangement doesn’t imply it’s ranking.

1. Hero’s come back – Naruto

2. Ash like snow – Gundam 00

Song Translation

3. Bokutachi no Yukue – Gundam Seed Destiny

Song Translation

4. Reflectia – True Tears

5. Asterisk – Bleach

6.  Chijou no Seiza – Fushigi Yuugi OVA

7. Tobira No Mukou E – Fullmetal Alchemist

Song Translation

8. Teru No Uta – Tales From Earthsea

9. Blue Moon – Shugo Chara

10. Alive – Naruto (I suggest you watch the video in the link I’ve given for its translations.)

Song Translation

Bad Apple – Stop Motion PV [Best music video ever!]

Okay, so if you think this is not amazing, I can’t imagine what else is! This has got to be the best music video I’ve ever watched, anime or not! Have to give it to stop motion for being SO AWESOMELY creative! So then… bye bye Nujabes and hello stop motion! ^o^

Version 2

Version 3


P.S. – Yeah I know the last 2 are pretty old but if you haven’t seen them yet, do check it out.