Namie + Gundam = Extreme Awesomeness

And with this, Namie has officially declared herself to be the world’s biggest Gundam fan. Apart from the fact that her second name is the same as Amuro Ray from Gundam, with her new PV she’s taken her love for gundam to a whole new level. Now, in case you have already watched Namie Amuro’s ‘Defend love’ you’d probably know what I’m talking about. This time, Namie’s given her PV a little twist by adding it a dash of gundam spice that’s at least made it popular among the anime fans OR made GUNDAM popular among the non-anime fans. Well either way, it sure makes the PV and the song a whole lot interesting n at least fun to watch.And I suppose the video kinda matches with the title. O.o Defending love with gundam blades eh? And that was a nice use of Gundam’s Amuro Ray battling in the space there O_O Looks like Namie-Chan couldn’t hold back her love for gundam after all 🙂 I wonder what gackt had to say to this!

Here’s the video – Defend Love


Bad Apple – Stop Motion PV [Best music video ever!]

Okay, so if you think this is not amazing, I can’t imagine what else is! This has got to be the best music video I’ve ever watched, anime or not! Have to give it to stop motion for being SO AWESOMELY creative! So then… bye bye Nujabes and hello stop motion! ^o^

Version 2

Version 3


P.S. – Yeah I know the last 2 are pretty old but if you haven’t seen them yet, do check it out.