The Current Top 10 Manga

My blog seems to be slowly turning into a blog of top 10 lists O_O Oh, well, after a long long break, I thought I’d try updating my blog, n when I thought of a good entry, i found my mind drowned in an abyss of emptiness. So, here goes, a random blog of list of top 10 current manga based on the number of weekly copies sold!

  • #1 – Naruto – Volume 51 (no surprise!)
  • #2 – Nodame Cantabile – Volume 24 (surprise! surprise!!)
  • #3 – Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Volume 29 (finally something that beats one piece and bleach eh?)
  • #4 – Fullmetal Alchemist – Volume 25 (well what do you know, Ed and Al’s magic has managed to sell more than a million copies of the manga, which happens to be the highest so far!)
  • #5 – Gintama – Volume 34
  • #6 – Bakuman – Volume 8 (I’m kinda glad here that an off-mainstream manga has managed to get into the top 10 list!)
  • #7 – Big windup! – Volume 14
  • #8 – xxxHolic – Volume 17 (Go! Yuuka >o<)
  • #9 – Shin Tennis no ouji-sama / New prince of tennis – Volume 3
  • #10 – Saki – Volume 7

That’s all for now!



Beautiful Stories With Sucky Endings!

Ever been familiar with this feeling? You start following a manga that starts of so beautifully that you are immediately hooked to it n voila! you suddenly see a ‘the end’ on the last page of the last chapter making your jaws drop staring at the unbelievable piece of information that another wonderful story has been stopped with an awefully cliche ending!! Boy! do you wanna kill that author for that!

So the popular manhwa Do You Want To Try is a classic example to this. It’s so incredibly annoying that you finally think things are getting interesting n suddenly there s a weird character death n the story ends! I bet the author had not even thought of that little story she added in the end to tat character there. Cuz there’s absolutely no trace of anything that says that the guy Woo Joo knew Hye Won before Sun Woo Bin ( can’t believe tats the only guy who’s full name I can remember) met her! He’s not even surprised to see her. Well, anyway, that’s not what I want to say here.

If the authors cannot continue the story they can at least had it over to somebody else who can think of a more sensible ending. Well… in any case, it was an enjoyable read!

So another example to a totally sucky ending is well, what do yo know, just another manhwa!! I have nothing against manhwa though. I have read way too many manga with major cliffhangers, enough to have all the hair out of your head pulled out! So the other example is I Accept You.

What caught me was that the story was truly interesting in the beginning, although not the best. But the entire manga drags on n on with only a couple of dialogues in each page (Admit it! It pissed you off!) n all it has in the end is the gal n the guy getting together n just when you have started to expect something more, it says ‘The End’!

Well, yeah there are several manga that ends with a confessing but they don’t end with a weird cliffhanger or a sense of emptiness when they end. Something like Moe Kare. This manga does end with a confession but the ending is so perfectly etched that it doesn’t leave you with a feel of a cliffhanger.

In any case, even for a while, It was fun reading them. But I really hope I don’t bump into another series like this!