4th Annual Seiyuu Awards’ Winners Anounced

So here are the results!

Best Lead Actor

Daisuke Ono (Sebastian – Kuroshitsuji)

Best Lead Actress

Miyuki Sawashiro (Title Character of Canaan, Lag Seeing – Letter Bee, Ayane Yano – Kimi ni Todoke)

Best Supporting Actor

Daisuke Namikawa (Shota Kazehaya – Kimi ni Todoke, Mikage – 07- Ghost)

Shinchiro Miki (Roy Mustang – FMA Brotherhood, Lockon Stratos – Gundam 00)

Best Supporting Actress –

Kikuko Inoue (Sanae Furukawa – Clannad After story, Grace O-Connor (Macross Frontier)

Yui Horie (Minori Kushieda – Toradora, Tsubasa Hanekawa – Bakemonogatari)

Special Merit Award –

Kazue Takahashi (Katsuo – Sazae-San, Lucille Ball – The Lucy Show)

Merit Awards – Tesshou Genda (Suppaman – Dr. Slump, Optimus Prime – Transformers)

Kazuko Sugiyama (Heidi – Alps no Shoujo Heidi, Jun the Swan – Gatchaman, Ganmo – Gu Gu Ganmo, Ten – Urusei Yatsura)

Nobuo Tanaka (Sousai X – Gatchaman, Sgt. Saunders – Combat!)

Kei Tomiyama Awards

Nana Mizuki

Kids’ Family Awards

Wasabi Mizuta (Little Character – Doraemon)

Synergy Award

Tohru Furuya and Shuuichi Ikeda  (Mobile Suit Gundam)

Overseas Fan Award

Mitsuki Saiga (Wolfram – Kyou Kara Maoh, Souji Okita – Peacemaker)

Best Singer Award

Aki Toyosaki and Minako Tokobuki (Music Ray’n)

Yoko Hikasa and Ayana Taketatsu (I’m Enterprise)

Satomi Satou (Aoni Productions)

Best New Actor Award

Atsushi Abe (Toma Kamijo – Toaru Majutsu no Index)

Tomoaki Maeno (Touya Fujii – White Album, Saku Ooyagi – Sora no Manimani)

Best New Actress Awards

Kanae Ito (Mihoshi Akeno – Sora no Manimani, Koume Suzukawa – Taisho Yakyu Musume, Amu Hinamori – Shugo Chara!)

Aki Toyosaki (Yui Hirasawa – K-ON!, Kana Nakamachi – Kanamemo)


Top 10 Most Beautiful Anime Songs.

Just thought I’d make a little list of one of the most beautiful songs with epic lyrics. So here goes.

P.S. – Just to let you know, the arrangement doesn’t imply it’s ranking.

1. Hero’s come back – Naruto

2. Ash like snow – Gundam 00

Song Translation

3. Bokutachi no Yukue – Gundam Seed Destiny

Song Translation

4. Reflectia – True Tears

5. Asterisk – Bleach

6.  Chijou no Seiza – Fushigi Yuugi OVA

7. Tobira No Mukou E – Fullmetal Alchemist

Song Translation

8. Teru No Uta – Tales From Earthsea

9. Blue Moon – Shugo Chara

10. Alive – Naruto (I suggest you watch the video in the link I’ve given for its translations.)

Song Translation

Shugo Chara Party

Okay, now this is something totally creative for ONCE in the history of anime, but then again, no matter how creative it is, it kinda seems like an awkward way of turning a slightly teen story into something that can by watched by toddlers too. Uh! no.. I’m not exaggerating.. you’ll know what i mean if you have ever watched the new shugo chara season where high school girls jump around and act like 5 year olds. Now, that I think of it… I wonder what their classmates would say to them acting like that.. ahem.. anyway, back to the topic, I’m just wondering that, since the story was already a little kiddish.. yes I know it’s not entirely… but there was no need to bring it down a notch more and make it to something totally embarrassing… It just feels weird when you look at those fully grown up high school girls going ‘kyaaahh’ in a gloomy voice but going all jumpy… It just doesn’t sync. They could have just animated that. I don’t understand why they had to go for real girls! But I admit, the pucchi pucchi part is seriously adorable and funny! Now that is something to look forward to after the embarrassing dance by those shugo chara girls.. BUT THAT DOES NOT GIVE AN EXCUSE TO PUT UP A TOTALLY EMBARRASSING MINI-TALK SHOW WITH THOSE 3 SILLY GIRLS! Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be for kids but you have to admit that it was at least a little more mature in the earlier seasons. again, the song IS kinda sweet ^_^

Also, it appears that the Shugo Chara makers are using Ikuto as a bait to make us all watch the new season, making him appear like once in a blue moon and pushing us Ikuto-fans to the edge of the seat. And the fact that all the amuto fans watch shugo chara just to get a glimpse of the couple and will be gone if there is no Ikuto-sama anymore in the show is proved by the uproar it caused when they finally squeezed in an amuto moment there! There! You see how it works! If they want their ratings of each episode to go higher, I recommend they put in more such moments between the show.. XD It seriously works and would keep their fans happy! But then again, after giving such a childish impression of the show and attracting all the kids throughout the world they put up a totally blushy scene of amuto! I swear it made even me blush like crazy! Wonder what kids would think.. Hmm… O_o

Well, in any case, the short and extremely sweet stories in each episode does warm you up 😀
But I still hope I can see more of Amuto.

P.S. : I’m absolutely in love with the punk look the author has pulled in the series. It’s just so refreshing and fun and so much different from the usual cute look the magical girls have in other series ^_^