The Water Color Magic!

Kimi no todoke, even though is just another shojo anime with an innocent helpless girl falling in love with the a happy cheerful boy, has some kind of charm to it that immediately separates it from other shojo animes. I guess I was too slow to realize what it was, no surprise with the speed in which my brain works! But anyway, I finally realized what it was that captured me as soon as the opening theme of the first episode started and I was lying there on the bed at 3 in the morning, enjoying the sudden fuzzy feeling I had inside me and not knowing why. Apart from the soothing music that smoothly takes you to the wonderland of water color (Yes, I AM one of those people who goes crazy for water color art) , I finally realized that the real magic in this anime were the subtle art work with the color pencils (Yes! color pencils!! Production IG has really pulled it off this time) mixed with the stunning scenery in the background with water paint!!

Could anyone get more creative?? Honestly.. That is just so amazing that they we able to pull of such breathtaking views with the simple water color, as your hands magically switch to the next episodes, not able to stop yourself from wanting to get more glimpse of those backgrounds! Well.. yeah, you don’t have to be a water-color-hungry monster like me either!! You don’t even have to watch the whole of the episode to see the difference the water-color has made to the anime! It’s just SO beautiful you just cant take your eyes off it! So, it’s not a surprise that you suddenly wish you were a 2-D character, living in that village.

It just makes you forget all the worries in the world and live your life full of.. err.. well.. anyway .. back to the topic. The next interesting thing you see here is the subtle lighting in these backgrounds, like the warm sun rays filtering through the trees or the glistening water along with the orange sky highlighted by the subtle evening sun rays. The delicate mixing of the water color and the perfect lighting to match it is so well done that you rarely get to see that kinda effects in other animes.

The whole effect is just so tantalizing! There are actually times when I get so absorbed with the background that I forget to listen to the dialogues and then get back again to listen to the dialogues but end up staring at the backgrounds again! Sheesh! But tt’s nice to know that a simple trick as a water-color background can make a simple story as this look so heavenly and surprisingly interesting!!

I say, even though you hate shoujo, you MUST watch it just to get a glimpse of the heavenly scenery!!And also cuz of all the amazing piece of work you would miss otherwise.. I wonder if the creator of that is a distance relative of Picasso.. How the hell did they come up with that kinda art?? Well in any case it is by all means worth a watch!!